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Fingerprint recognition ensures the physical presence of the cardholder while complying with security demands. Precise Match-on-Card™ eliminates the need for numerous PINs, that are easily forgotten, lost or stolen, as we carry more and more cards.

Precise Match-on-Card™ for bank cards
Precise Match-on-Card™ is the concept of storing and matching fingerprints on a card. The logic remains identical to on-card PIN verification.

As no storing or matching of fingerprint information takes place outside the card there is no need for any network-connected device or data base. This also means that the personal integrity of the bank card holder is always preserved.

Minimal infrastructure costs
As the function is integrated with the card, there is minimal infrastructure cost associated with the technology and Precise Match-on-Card™ is completely scalable.

The technology offers maximal flexibility as it is compatible with most cards and readers on the market. Elements such as readers, applications and cards can easily be replaced as requirements change.