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  • ID Cards - Fingerprint recognition and Precise Match-on-CardTM in a national ID card or employee
    card proves the physical presence of the card holder when using different services.
  • Bank - For bank cards, Precise Match-on-CardTM eliminates the need for easily lost or stolen PINs as
    it provides a guarantee of transaction.
  • Mobile Phone - Security for mobile phone use is increased with fingerprint recognition and Match-on-card performed on SIM cards to secure information and prevent anauthorized transactions.
  • Healthcare - Precise Match-on-CardTM with fingerprint recognition saves money as it limits fraud,
    while preserving patient integrity.
  • Travel & Transport - Boarding systems and Registered Traveler Programs using fingerprint recognition enables efficient passenger flow while enchancing security.
  • Consulting - To make use of the advantages of fingerprint recognition, we offer system integration and consultancy services in addition to our product portfolio.
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