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Every day, Precise Biometrics' products and technology provide proven identities for millions of people around the world.
We are proud to deliver fingerprint solutions that make your life easier.

Our strong lists of customers include large-scale national ID card programs in Asia, Middle East and Europe, as well as government agencies, bank and corporate clients. 

Here are some of our references
  • Scandinavian Airlines -
    Using fingerprint recognition to check-in and board passengers, SAS eliminates the need for boarding cards and manual ID checks. Thereby, SAS maintains a fast passenger flow and increases security, while their passengers travel easy and efficiently.
  • US Department of State -
    The US Department of State uses Precise Match-on-Card for an employee ID for all personnel in embassies and consulates. Their cost saving for reduced password administration is millions of US dollars, each year!
  • Thailand's National ID Card -
    By the introduction of Match-on-Card to the national ID card, Thailand significantly reduces the risk of ID related theft and fraud. The country has 64 million licenses contracted to their total population, and more than 10 million deployed.
  • Portugal Citizen Card -
    Portugal is replacing five previous ID cards with one citizen card, which will be used for a number of government as well as commercial services. By 2013, all Portuguese citizens will have their ID card with Match-on-Card.
  • AXA Technology Services -
    Case Study written by Gemalto AXA uses the Gemalto.NET Bio solution for employee IDs. AXA Technology Services decided to implement a new security system based on smart card technology, with the possibility to use biometric verification of the users. The solution is fully integrated with existing systems and fully compliant with Windows environment.