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ExaDigm has taken a fresh new approach to POS connectivity with the launch of the ExaDigm's SV100 delivers a cost-effective, fully integrated payment processing solution for ECRs, Retail POS, Restaurant Management Systems, Self-Service Devices, Vending Machines, Kiosks and other similar systems. Fully programmable and customizable, the SV100 enables these devices or systems with a serial interface to process a full range of payment options and value-added services over the Internet. With the SV100 you’re able to replace bulky standalone payment terminals eliminating the need to double key transaction data, in turn speeding customers through the payment process, increasing their level of satisfaction, while minimizing user errors. Built with a compact, robust and feature-rich design, the SV100 offers instant connectivity to major payment processors for credit, debit, check, loyalty and gift.

Redefining Integrated Payment Systems
  • High speed IP appliance operating under control of a Linux operating system
  • Multiple connectivity options including Dial, IP over Ethernet LAN, CDMA, GPRS and WiFi (802.11b/g/n)
  • Supports major US processors for Credit, Debit, EBT, Check, Loyalty and Gift
  • Standalone or Multi-lane configurations available for a range of deployment options
  • Complete turnkey solution for total PCI Compliance :
    - PCI PA-DSS Compliant Application
    - PCI PED Certified PINpad
  • EMV 1 and 2 Solution with PINpad
  • Cost-effective wireless data plans for CDMA and GPRS