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Arbutus technology has been designed to fill a complementary role to other technologies and provide a pragmatic, straightforward solution to these functionality gaps. The Arbutus Desktop technology is specifically designed to support easy access and analysis of data from a wide variety of data sources and data types, and to process commercial data columes, woth minimal involvement from IT personnel.

The three components of the
Arbutus technology - Analyzer, LegacyLink and the Arbutus Data Engine - power solution products provides by Arbutus - Arbutus Connect, Arbutus Migrate, Arbutus Query and Instant Warehouse. Each component of the Arbutus technology works together to provide a simple, flexible solution that is quickly customized based a simple, flexible solution that is quickly customized based on our clients requirements. Arbutus Analyzer and LegacyLink communicate directy with the Arbutus Data Engines via TCP/IP to provide a simple solution that does not require any additional hardware or software components for connectivity.