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Fraud investigators are continually faced with the challenge of testing for fraud in an increasingly complex, ever changing IT environment. Arbutus is designed to give fraud examiners an agile technology that enables them to efficiently develop and deploy a wide range of fraud testing. Arbutus provides fraud examiners with the best interface between their investigation skills and their complex data environment.

Arbutus has two distinct products designed to address two common and significant problems with fraud detection.

Arbutus Query for Fraud Examiners

Arbutus Query gives fraud examiners one, purpose built interface that combines complete data access, analysis and reporting. It is an intuitive and comprehensive query tool with built in data analysis capabilities that allow examiners to develop and execute a comprehensive set of fraud tests. Simpler than traditional query tools, Arbutus Query makes it easy for examiners to apply fraud detection test against files of unlimited size and complexity.

Why use Arbutus Query for fraud detection:

Specifically designed to interrogate data
arrowThe intuitive interface is specifically designed for analyzing data and identifying anomalies
arrowEasily compare disparate data sources to find indictors of fraud
arrowOptional query language allows for customized and automated fraud tests to be easily created and deployed on important and time sensitive areas
arrowLog file of all queries and results creates permanent audit trail of work performed
Adaptable to your organization’s investigative processes
arrowSupports the easy access and sharing of fraud tests with other members of your team and management
arrowCan be used as a stand alone application or as dash board in a client/server environment
arrowNew customized fraud tests and reports can be developed and deployed without the typical set up time and costs
Delivers your data when you need it, where you need it
arrowDirectly access and test data sources on multiple platforms including Mainframe and AS/400
arrowNo file size limitations
arrowNew data sources can be added and integrated quickly
If you are looking for a better interface and tool set to accomplish your fraud investigation objectives, Arbutus Query is a fraud detection tool kit designed to test and compare all types of organizational data.
arrowpurpose built interface to easily develop and execute a set of fraud tests
arrowapply fraud tests against data files of unlimited complexity or in a legacy environment
arrowdeploy fraud testing on a continuous or ad hoc basis

Arbutus Connect for Excel
The challenge faced by many fraud examiners is that Excel does not support direct access to important transactional data. The barriers represented complex and disparate systems artificially limits the creativity and ability of examiners to perform the full scope and timeliness of fraud testing.

Although standard desktop tools like spreadsheets and business intelligence tools all have their important place within an organization, many Excel users still face functionality gaps or limitations with in three keys areas:
arrowApplication does not support the required data volumes
arrowSignificant IT resources and costs are required to support access to new data sources
arrowReporting and analysis needs involve legacy systems and other non-warehoused data
Arbutus Connect is a complementary technology that extends the reach and fraud detection capabilities of Excel.

Why use Arbutus Connect?

Direct access to all of your corporate data
arrowUnique LegacyLink technology enables shortest distance between Excel and corporate data sources
arrowDirectly access even your most complex mainframe data with Excel
arrowArbutus Data Engines support access to both ‘live’ and staged data sources
arrowNew data sources can be set up in minutes
arrowAll data sources can be filtered at both the record and field level
Better fraud analysis and reporting
arrowSupports better, more comprehensive tests on areas that were previously to difficult to access
arrowWhen needed, Excel can be used to initiate fraud tests directly on production systems or other data sources within your IT environment
arrowEasily integrates and compares non-relational legacy data files with databases
arrowProcess unlimited file sizes, with Excel only receiving the data subset that you need
arrowCleanse and dynamically transform your data before testing
Additional capabilities with minimal deployment issues
arrowExaminers continue to use the tools they are familiar with, no new training required
arrowSupports centralized set up and administration of all data access
arrowNo need to purchase new end user tools for examiners
If you or your department prefer to use Excel for fraud examination, Arbutus Connect for Excel helps fraud examiners to overcome Excel’s functionality gaps or limitations in three keys areas:
arrowAllows Excel users to analyze unlimited data volumes
arrowMinimizes the IT resources required to access new data sources
arrowSupports reporting and analysis needs involving legacy systems