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The range of Secure Transaction Keyboards (STKB)
offers Intelligent Cryptographic Keyboards for applications requiring the combination of Online / Offline Client PIN Verification, Secure Logon and Digital Signing. The Secure Transaction Keyboard Tamper Responsive Hybrid Chip & Magnetic Card Reader is designed to meet the PCI and EMV Standards for Offline and Online Client PIN verification. Whether for financial applications or network access control this security device ensures integrity of communication between device and host.

The Secure Remote Programmable Secure Transaction Keyboard range
provides the ideal solution for Retail Outlets, Secure Access, Bank and Post Office Teller Applications offering 3 Factor Biometric and Smart Card Operator Log-On together with providing a secure Chip & PIN payment solution when combined with one of the family of Chip & PIN Pads. Features include integrated PCI Compliant Tamper Responsive Hybrid Chip & Magnetic Payment Card Reader, separate ISO PC/SC compliant Smart Card Reader for Operator Log-On, Fingerprint Scanner for secure Biometric Operator Log-On, 2 x 16 LCD for secure messaging and operator PIN entry confirmation, a secure dedicated port for connecting a PCI PIN Pad directly and also a high speed USB (480Mbps) downstream port for connecting additional devices such as receipt printer or mouse. This smart integrated design saves on footprint and avoids clutter caused by using separate external readers.

Secure Transaction KeyboardCompact Secure Transaction Keyboard Secure Transaction Keyboard with Glidepoint

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