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Arbutus Instant Warehouse provides a proven solution for two difficult data problems:

Instant Warehouse Data Warehouse Prototyping
Getting user participation and involvement is one of the key success factors in a successful data warehouse project.

Instant Warehouse
is a new prototyping tool that provides you with powerful ways to visualize and analyze your data, and involved end users at the earliest stages. Users are involved because you can prototypr your application using the entire set of real data. The Instant Warehouse agile modeling techniques reduce the need for extensive advance documentation reviews and dramatically reduces both the time and effort required to plan the project's data access. In addition, these tools enable you to minimize up-front coast and reduce risk by limiting your explosure related to unexpected data problems or new requirements.

arrowSave time and money
arrowMinimize documentation reviews at the start
arrowPrototype the data access for your project and get it right the first time
arrowEvolve the prototype to become the requirements document
arrowEliminate (or at least minimize) subsequent re-work
arrowStart seeing results in days
       Reduce risk
arrowEnsure the project meets your needs, before it’s built
arrowInvolve users at the earliest stages
arrowGain acceptance before you implement
       Know your source data
arrowProcess your source data directly, and identify problems at the earliest stages
arrowApply advanced data quality tools and techniques directly to the source data
arrowPre-test your conversion, mapping and cleansing rules directly against the source data
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Instant Warehouse Legacy Data Store Many organizations continue make their IT environments more efficient and cost effective by decommissioning or consolidating their hardware platforms. One of the challenging outcomes of this process is the storage and use of historical data. Much of this data cannot be cost justified to migrate into a data warehouse but, is still needed for periodic and important use. Instant Warehouse is designed to provide a very cost effective solution to this problem.

Arbutus’ Windows and Linux Data Engines are fully compatible with all data set structures and data types encountered on your mainframe, Unisys, HP or DEC platform. This means that the process of staging data is as simple as a file transfer, with no data transformation required.

The result is that you can implement a data mart style solution, with full access for any type of query, analysis or reporting needs, in a matter of days.

arrowContinue to use historical data from decommissioned platforms like IBM mainframes, Unisys, HP and DEC
arrowUnconverted legacy data can be stored and utilized on any Windows or Linux server
arrowOne time set up of Legacy Data Store for use by end user applications can be done within hours or days
arrowEliminate the time and expense of moving all your legacy data into a data warehouse
arrowHistorical data and active data can be easily combined into one data source
arrowSimplifies the re-purposing of historical data
arrowNo training needed for end users to access the legacy data