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With Precise Match-on-Card™ a verified fingerprint will give healthcare takers access to right services in a cost-efficient and secure way.

Whether the reason is regulatory or financial – fraud reductions and the security of the heathcare takers are major concerns for the healthcare industry.

Reducing fraud
By tying a patient to a personal health card with fingerprint recognition and the practitioner to delivering a service, the risk of phantom billing, up-coding, card sharing and ID theft is heavily reduced.

Precise Match-on-Card™ for Health Cards
Adding Precise Match-on-Card™ with fingerprint recognition to health cards does not only reduce these risks, it also protects the personal integrity of the card holder.

Precise Match-on-Card™ is the concept of both storing and matching fingerprints on a smart card or token. As all matching and storing takes place inside the card, there is no need for any network-connected devise or central database.

Personal integrity
As the fingerprint information never leaves the card the personal integrity of the patient is preserved.