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Our fingerprint recognition technology speeds up passenger flow while fulfilling security requirements when the burden of security is ever increasing in both domestic and international travel.

Passenger flows in large airports are mainly constricted by the need to identify passengers at different stages of the travel process.

Precise Match-on-Card™
By combining a Registered Traveler program with our Precise Match-on-Card™ we offer the possibility to retain the privacy of the traveler and accountability of scheme operators, with fingerprint recognition.

How it is initiated
A Registered Traveler program with Precise Match-on-Card™ is initiated by collecting fingerprint information and biographic data of the traveler according to regulations at card issuance.

As such, a trusted, Registered Traveler can travel with less security checks and faster processing by identifying himself with a card and a fingerprint. This facilitates the flow of passengers and lowers the costs of maintaining security.

Precise BioFlight™
Precise BioFlight™ offers airlines and airports the possibility to check-in and board passengers without the need for boarding passes and manual ID check. Passengers are thereby able to quickly moving throughout an airport. The fingerprint information is only stored in temporary databases and erased after take off.

Deployed worldwide
Precise BioMatch™ is already in wide use in airport programs, frequent traveler applications and in large-scale national ID card deployments worldwide.