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In addition to its matching speed and reliability, Precise Match-on-Card™offers flexibility as it it available with most smart cards on the market today.

Precise Match-on-Card™ is the concept of both matching and storing fingerprints on a smart card.

Smart Cards & Fingerprints
With Precise Match-on-Card™, we combine the best of two technologies; smart cards and fingerprints. Smart cards are well known to be tamper-proof and secure.

Using well- known Smart Card security
By both storing and matching the fingerprint template on the smart card chip, the biometrics not only act as PIN and password replacement, it also makes use of the well-known secure environment of the chip.

No database needed
Matching fingerprint information in the card removes the uncertainty of matching on a network-connected device, an external server, or a database – which could be considered weak links in a security chain.

Making the card truly personal
Using Precise Match-on-Card™ with any type of smart card solutions offers apparent benefits as it establishes the physical presence of the individual. This facilitates proof of identity and makes the card a truly personal token.