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Delivering the most connectivity choices in a Countertop Solution, the modem options for XD1000 enable a wired terminal to go wireless virtually instantly. With the choice of WiFi, CDMA or GPRS there is now an alternative to being located down by a wired installation.

WiFi Modem
The industry's first removable WiFi Modem, delivers functionality to the XD1000 enabling WiFi connectivity to be added at instantly at anytime, in turn eliminating the need and expense associated with hardwiring IP connectivity to a countertop location. Removable USB 802.11b/g/n WiFi modem. Modular design guarding against terminal obsolescence due to changes in wireless technology. Inexpensive single component upgrade ensuring compatibility with the latest WiFi standards. Compatible with most standard 802.11b/g/n wireless routers.

CDMA Modem / GPRS Modem
Combined with the XD1000, the CDMA and GPRS Modems create a low-cost, fixed cellular wireless solution for card-based payment acceptance in locations where cellular wireless offers the best connectivity, provides the lowest cost option or where wired connectivity is limited. Modular design attaching to the terminal using the built-in USB port, creating a seamless “all in one” unit featuring CDMA or GPRS communication option. Dedicated USB port for the Removable WiFi Modem. Available with the choice CDMA or GPRS cellular wireless connectivity. Activation on major U.S. wireless networks and Global GSM/GPRS support for other regions internationally.